Pest Control Guildford

Termite & pest control Guildford – residents, are you safe?

Home to lovely streetscapes, fantastic local amenities and vibrant mix of cultures, this convenient area of Sydney’s suburbia is an obvious choice for those who want value as well as affordability. Close to Parramatta’s CBD, this family-friendly and hilly area is home to some of Sydney’s most historic heritage sites. Sadly, hordes of Sydney’s vilest characters are also moving into the suburb – over 350 species of Australia’s destructive termites and 100’s of deadly pests. The team from M&M Termite and Pest Control, as the number one company in pest control Guildford have been helping residents do battle against aggravating pests for over three decades.In fact, you’ve probably seen our vans around the area.

M&M Termite and Pest Control Guildford uses environmentally friendly products to eliminate:

Family-safe pest control, whenever YOU decide!

At M&M Termite and Pest Control Guildford we know all about the irritation of pests, as well as the headache dealing with pest control companies can be. This is why we make working with us as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

You see, choosing the wrong pest control products (or pest control companies for that matter) could make your pest problems pale in comparison. Rude technicians stomp through your sanctuary, pump it full of poisonous chemicals which linger for weeks in your furniture. Not to mention the lack of shame in adding a few surprises to your bill.

We often don’t know which is worse – the pest control crises or having to clean up after other so-called “professional” pest control companies.

So when you call over the team from M&M Termite and Pest Control, we take the time to thoroughly investigate your Guildford home to determine the species of pest and the extent of your problem.

Then, with our cutting-edge targeted pest control treatments, we completely eliminate all your pests whether they are cockroaches, ants, termites, rats, mice, spiders or fleas.

Our expert pest control technicians will come in and do the work when it best suits you and your schedule, and completely remove all your pest problems. This saves time and money as you don’t pay for services you don’t need.

This is why we insist on delivering an impeccably polite service, using only products which are safe, effective and environmentally friendly – without leaving any noxious chemical residues behind. Our first consideration is the health of your family.

We also stand behind all our services with our 200% guarantee. So there’s no risk to you whatsoever.

Why M&M Termite & Pest Control Guildford is a Cut Above the Rest

Too many pest control Guildford companies fly by the seat of their pants, offering their clients a slap-dash service which is a temporary fix at best - and at worst, can cause even more damage.

Here's what makes us different:

  • More than 31 years' experience servicing 1000’s of Guildford homes
  • The Best 200% guarantee in the business
  • Safe for pregnant women, children, pets and plants
  • Trained technicians with over 197 years of combined experience
  • Your home will be left cleaner than when we arrived