How to Know For Sure You Are Getting the Absolute Best Termite & Pest Control Service Available

Pest Control companies are a dime-a-dozen.  The industry is unregulated.  And almost anyone (and his dog) can set up a ‘pest’ business with a website that makes promise after promise.

So how can you be sure the Pest Control & Termite Company you choose is qualified, experienced and reliable to ‘do what they say’?

Rather than tell you we’re the best, I thought I’d show you what we do to give you the ultimate pest control service.  The following details may appear to be little things.  But together, they make M&M Termite & Pest Control VERY different.  You be the judge.

M&M Pest Control customer service

Step 1: Experienced Consultant Answers Your Call

Ring, ring.  Ring – “Welcome to M&M Termite & Pest Control this is Darlene”.  The first thing you notice is we answer the phone quickly.  Often within a couple of rings.  We know you’re busy so we won’t waste your time waiting on the phone.

Your call is answered by a friendly voice in a quiet office – not a gruff workman out on a site or distracted while driving.  You have our undivided attention.

And you will be glad to know you are speaking with a Pest Specialist, not just an office assistant.  One of our Telephone Consultants Darlene has been with us for 35 years.  Jenny and Maria have been here for 25 years, Lisa for 14 years and Debbie for 7 years.

Not only are they experienced in helping you over the phone, they have all spent time in the field working with our technicians.  They know what they are talking about and can answer your questions and give you expert advice.

When you call, your Telephone Consultant will ask you a series of questions to diagnose your pest problem, talk you through the options, and answer all your questions.  When you make an appointment, you’ll be given a specific time (not just a.m. or p.m.).

M&M Pest Control customer care

Step 2: Reminder Phone Call

There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on.  That’s why your Telephone Consultant will give you a quick reminder call the day before your appointment.  You can plan your day with confidence knowing exactly when we’ll arrive.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

Step 3: Experts Who Arrive On Time – Guaranteed (Or You Get $150)

According to our internal appointment log, we arrive on time (or slightly early) 98% of the time.  The other 2% (when something unforeseen happens) we phone ahead.  Here’s proof:  If we arrive late (without letting you know) we will give you $150 on the spot to apologise for wasting your time.

When we arrive, you’ll know it’s us – our vans are clearly signed and our technicians wear company uniforms.  You can feel confident knowing your Technician has passed rigorous internal training, follows strict company processes, and has as many as [number] years of experience protecting homes from pests.

Pest control local expert

Step 4: Identifying the Problem

Your Technician will conduct a comprehensive ‘Pest Audit’ including an inspection of 10 areas of your home and yard.  This enables us to treat the cause of your pest problem (nests and pest trails) for lasting results.  Our service is so thorough we offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee that all poisonous and disease or bacteria-carrying pests will be eradicated from your home as you have employed us to do.  *Conditions apply

M&M safety certificate

Step 5: Safe and Convenient

Although the pest treatments we use in your home are fast and effective at getting rid of pests, they are completely safe for humans (including children, pregnant women and even pets and plants).  They have no smell or dangerous vapours.  They won’t cause irritation to allergy or asthma sufferers.  And they are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

That’s why doctors recommend these treatments.  And why they are approved for use in hospitals and schools.

In most cases there is no need to empty your cupboards.  Leave all your crockery and clothes where they are.  Our treatments are completely safe and convenient.

Pest control inspection

Step 6: Treatment – Inside Your Home

Your treatment includes spraying all accessible skirting boards, injecting powder into cracks and crevices, and applying gel and bait to affected areas.  This multifaceted treatment ensures your home is pest free.

But don’t worry if you see a few stray critters during the week after treatment.  This just means they’ve been flushed from their hiding spots.  They’ll die in less than 48 hours leaving you with a pest-free home.


Pest inspection

Step 7: Treatment – Roof Void and Subfloor

Pests love to hide.  And your roof void and subfloor are two of their favourite places to breed (especially for White Tail Spiders).  Our Pressurised Powder Treatment gets into all the nooks and crannies to kill current pests and deter future invasion.

Pest control spray

Step 8: Treatment – Outside Your Home (A Barrier of Lasting Protection)

Our comprehensive treatment includes a perimeter barrier to deter pests from invading your home in the future.  Your Technician will spray around all fences and gardens, garages and sheds.  While other companies consider this added layer of protection to be over-kill, we know it’s the only way to give you the result you want.  No more pests!

Pest expert, Darren

Step 9: Pest Free and Clean

Having tradespeople around your home can be inconvenient.  And it’s infuriating when they leave a mess.  We promise to leave your home cleaner than we found it.  Our technicians wear shoe covers to protect your carpet and flooring.  And they respect you and your property.  I guarantee you’ll be refreshingly surprised how friendly and professional our technicians are.

M&M follow up

Step 10: Education

Your Technician will give you helpful tips to make your pest treatment last longer.  He will also leave you with an information sheet outlining what he has done and what to expect after we leave.  And he will give you a company letter of thanks and a receipt.

M&M thank you note

Step 11: Follow up

Your absolute satisfaction is the most important thing to us.  Our business has grown since 1984 because of referrals from our many grateful clients.  We don’t take this for granted.  So after each treatment, we will send you a short survey to get your feedback.  Of course you don’t have to fill it out if you don’t want to.  But we do value your opinion and this simple system ensures we continue to deliver on our promises and give you the premium pest treatment you deserve.

If we ever let you down, for any reason, I want you to tell me.  And if we can’t make things right – to your 100% satisfaction – we will refund your money in full AND pay for another Termite & Pest Control Company to retreat your home. (This applies to warranty work only).

money back gaurantee

With the proven processes and unbeatable guarantee of M&M Termite & Pest Control, you can have genuine peace of mind your home is free from disease-carrying pests.  You can open your cupboards without fear of spiders.  You can confidently allow your children to crawl on the floor without worrying about what dangers may be lurking unnoticed.  No more holes in your expensive clothes from silverfish.  No more cockroaches in the shower.  No more ants in the kitchen.  Your home will once again be a safe haven for you and your family.

Thank you for taking the time to find out why M&M Termite & Pest Control are different.  If you have any questions, please phone our experienced team on 13 10 34.  I look forward to welcoming you as a valued client and helping to protect you and your family from the invasion of nasty pests and termites.

M&M Geoff Milton

Geoffrey Milton

Founder & Operations Manager


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