Church Buildings Saved From Termite Attack And Also Protected From Pests and Pigeons

St Luke’s Anglican Church, Mosman. Built 1958, attacked by termites 2010, saved by M&M Pest and Termite  Control and protected by M&M ever since.

  • The Reverend Bruce McAteer was stunned when he noticed termite damage at St Luke’s Anglican church
  • The timber in the choir frontals was totally eaten away.  Bruce said it was like paper hanging in the wind
  • M&M conducted a thorough inspection and found termites in 2 of the 3 buildings
  • M&M installed baits and ground stations to eradicate the termites
  • Reverend McAteer said, “The termites were quickly eradicated and have not returned”.
  • M&M also solved a pigeon nesting problem St Luke’s was having by wiring up the roofline of their buildings
  • The parishioners at St Luke’s are glad to have M&M monitor the property to ensure their beautiful buildings are protected from future termite attacks

Customer Background:

Since 1910 hundreds of families have enjoyed the blessings of St Luke’s Anglican Church on Heydon Street, Mosman.  In 1958 a new building was constructed featuring a magnificent pipe organ and choir loft.  Naturally, when The Reverend Bruce McAteer noticed timber damage in 2010 he was shocked.

Reverend McAteer immediately called M&M Termite and Pest Control because he had been happy with general pest management they had provided for the church in the past.

Original Challenges:

M&M conducted a thorough inspection and found termites had invaded 2 of the 3 buildings.  Reverend McAteer commented that the damage was reasonably serious.  He said it required substantial restoration work but could have been worse.  Talking about the choir loft he said, “The timber looked like bits of paper hanging in the wind”.


M&M treated the infested areas with baits.  Ground stations were also installed around the buildings to detect other termite activity on the property.  M&M continue to monitor these ground stations to ensure St Luke’s never suffers termite infiltration again.


St Luke’s also asked M&M for help to control a pigeon nesting problem.  With the roofline now securely wired, parishioners at St Luke’s are glad the pigeons (and their mess) are gone now too.

Results & Benefits Achieved:

When talking about his experience with M&M Bruce said, “The technicians are very, very good.  They know what they are doing and explain everything clearly.  They quietly get on with what they do in a professional and proficient manner”.

St Luke’s has contracted M&M for monitoring ever since the termites were discovered 10 years ago.  They feel confident knowing professionals are checking up on things regularly.  Reverend McAteer said, “We feel monitoring is like insurance.  If there is any recurrence we will know immediately and can treat it before too much damage occurs”.

In conclusion he said, “The termites have gone and have never come back.  M&M are professional and they solved our problem.”