White Ant Treatment

White ants are the leading cause of infrastructure damage in the greater Sydney area, & so white ant treatment is HIGHLY recommended.

Pest control & termite treatment guaranteeThey are not strictly part of the ant family, but Australia’s white ant species (or subterranean termite) is the most destructive and aggressive in the world. With a fierce survival instinct and an insatiable appetite for timber cellulose, white ants are a major threat to Australian homes and businesses. In fact,

White ants are also a constant hazard to Sydney homes (particularly the Coptotermes and Schedorhinotermes species) because they swarm every year in early summer, which means new colonies are forming all the time.

And depending on where you live, 25% to 33% of all Sydney homes have either some form of termite damage or are at risk from white ant infestation. Which means right now there are homes on your street that are harbouring these destructive pests.

Another important fact worth noting is standard Home and Building Insurance policies do not cover the cost of repairs to termite-infested timbers. So if you have termites in or near your home, you’re putting your greatest asset at risk every day you don’t get this problem sorted.

In fact, one of the questions we are most frequently asked is how to get rid of white ants for good.

White ant treatment: how to kill termites

White ants removal is a delicate business. So before attempting to get rid of white ants, you should know that if you come across a nest or a colony, you should not disturb it.

White ants don’t like to be noticed, so if you do happen to see white ant signs (like mud packed into cracks in the wall, or piles of wood dust on the floor) or come across an infested area, do not disturb them. If white ants feel threatened, they will simply leave and retreat to a more secluded part of your property, most likely to areas where you won’t be able to find them again.

While there are a few effective DIY solutions to getting rid of white ants (using baits and traps), they are extremely labour intensive and time-consuming. What’s more, these methods can take weeks, or even months to completely eradicate the problem.

Even then, these bait and trap methods are not 100% reliable if you’re looking to get rid of white ants permanently, and they require constant maintenance and routine inspection of the problem areas of your property to be effective all year round.

But do you really want to spend your weekends and free time chasing around, trying to kill white ants?

The team at M&M have been taking care of white ant infestations for over three decades. Over the years we have developed specialised white ant pest control and white ant removal programs designed to kill white ants quickly and safely.

In fact, we have successfully eradicated these destructive little nasties from over 9,853 of NSW homes just like yours. So it’s safe to say we know how to get rid of white ants fast and effectively.

Before we begin treatment, our highly trained professional technicians will give your home a thorough inspection, identifying the species of white ant, the location of the colony and the major areas of infestation.

All our white ant control treatments are also fully customised to your particular situation, so we can go in, take care of the problem and get out, with minimal impact on your time and lifestyle.

Our white ant pest control products are environmentally friendly and safe for children and pets. And as part of our service guarantee, we promise to leave your property cleaner than when we found it.

In fact, if you are unhappy with any aspect of our white ant control services, we will refund your money and we will pay for a competitor to redo the job. So there’s no risk to you whatsoever.

When you engage M&M Termite and Pest Control you can rest easy knowing that we are insured, we don’t take short cuts, we adhere to Australian Standards, our quotes don’t change and we stand behind our claims with a money back guarantee.

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