Termite Inspection Sydney - your termites will be eradicated, guaranteed - or your money back!

Hello, congratulations on making the first step in what will be a very wise decision towards the protection of your home. Also, thank you for allowing M&M Termite and Pest Control the opportunity to provide you with a Visual Termite Inspection Report.

A Full Termite Inspection

Experience leads us to offer tailored termite inspection options for your property. We need to look at your house with the eye of the termite. To know our enemy, we may need to look for him in the subfloor, roof void, interior, exterior and garden, as well as any fences near your home.

Pest control & termite treatment guarantee

We’re counting down to our 38,000th termite inspection and so we’ve seen a termite or two. We know this small and wily bug can behave in some unexpected ways and that no two termite inspections ever reveal the same situation.

Think of the Visual Termite Inspection Report you’ll receive from us as your map of war. We will detail the territory and show you where the enemy is hiding.

You’ll have in your hands an easy-to-read record of the areas inspected, the areas inaccessible to inspection and all findings essential for you and the future of your home.

Prevention is better than cure and a termite inspection is always better than termite damage. Operations Manager Geoffrey Milton thinks of it like a trip to the dentist. “Go regularly, and it won’t hurt a bit. Leave it too long, and you’ve got a mouth full of holes and a bill as long as your dentist’s yacht.”

Don’t place your home, or your teeth, in the savage hands of fate. Instead, give them to the professionals. Call us now to book a termite inspection for your property. We’ll guarantee that the only colony in residence at your house is your family.

Other M&M Termite and Pest Control weapons to help you win the battle against termites

Inspecting for termites

Termite Search Dogs: While they appear cute and cuddly, the M&M termite search dogs are masters at tracking  down termite activity. They are trained to respond to the odour of live termites and continue to amaze us with their accuracy and reliability.

Thermal Imaging Camera: This ingenious technology literally allows us to ‘see through walls’. We can often see the internal framework and detect areas of damage. And when termite activity is present we can see exactly where the termites are.

Borerscope: If we suspect termite activity in a wall, we can carefully drill a small hole and ‘peak inside’ with a borerscope. It allows us to conduct a thorough inspection without unnecessary damage to your home.

Termatrac: If there is any movement behind your walls, the microwave technology of the Termatrac will pick it up. Another way of allowing us to see behind your walls.

Moisture Meter: Termites love constant temperature and humid conditions. A moisture metre allows us to detect areas where termites are most likely to be.

Why people prefer M&M Termite and Pest Control termite inspection reports

We take Pest control & Termite control seriously and take great pride in delivering a superior service. We only employ the best of the best; our technicians have at least 16 years experience in the industry.

  • 55% of the pest control industry are uninsured (Statistics from Pacific International Insurance)
  • Some companies take shortcuts by not treating to the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Some quote for a fixed amount but then charge for extras
  • Few companies back up their claims with a money back guarantee
  • We don’t use sub-contractors (who don’t care about your home)