Termite Monitoring Saved My Home from Another Attack

Mr George Kret has been using M&M for pest treatments since 1993 in his Western Sydney home.

He discovered termites in his smoke alarm in 2000 and contacted M&M Termite & Pest Control straight away

M&M installed baiting stations around his yard and eradicated the termite colony in just 3 months (preventing serious damage to Mr Kret’s home)

Mr Kret continues to have M&M Termite & Pest Control monitor his property for termite activity as an insurance policy

He’s glad he maintains regular monitoring because termites were detected again years after the initial attack

Regular monitoring meant treatment could be carried out easily and the termites eradicated before they even entered My Kret’s home

Mr Kret said he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend M&M Termite & Pest Control and says he has recommended them in the past

Customer Background:

Mr George Kret from Toongabbie has been using M&M Termite & Pest Control since 1993.  He started with regular pest treatments and since discovering termites in his home in 2000 now has regular termite monitoring.

Original Challenges:

Yearly pest management from M&M  Termite & Pest Control kept the pests in Mr Kret’s home under control.  But one day his smoke alarm was triggered.  When he inspected the alarm to see what the problem was he was shocked to discover termites.

He called M&M straight away and they were able to eradicate the termites before they spread throughout the house.  Mr Kret understands how efficient termites are at eating through timber — they never stop working.  He is grateful repairs only cost a few thousand dollars and realises things could have been much worse.


Mr Kret took M&M’s advice and authorised them to install a baiting system throughout his yard.  The stations were small and caused no inconvenience at all.  At no time did Mr Kret feel there was any safety risk to his family or pets.

The termites were quickly attracted to the baits and were eliminated very quickly.


Mr Kret is very glad he has continued to entrust his home’s termite management to M&M because termites did return several years later.  Because monitoring was in place M&M detected the termites immediately (in one of the outside ground stations) and eradicated the colony before any termites entered the house.

Results & Benefits Achieved:

Mr Kret considers ongoing monitoring like an insurance policy.  He hopes he’ll never have to do anything more than monitoring but knows the M&M system is working to protect his home from any future termite invasion.

Speaking about the M&M technicians he said, “They are efficient and reliable — excellent”.  He commented that M&M have a very efficient, safe system and the results are proven.  “M&M installed our baiting system, maintain it… and we’ve been more than happy all the way through.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.  In fact we have recommended them in the past”, he added enthusiastically.