How To Get Rid Of Ants Outside

Even though having ants outside your property is far better than having them invade your home, it’s important to realise that if you consistently see ants around your house it is only a matter of time before they invite themselves in, & you will be asking the question, “how to get rid of ants outside“.

The best way to begin to protect your home from invading ants is to use ant sand to set up barriers at all the entrances. You can also sprinkle it in any crevices or cracks around your home, as well as on exterior windowsills.

Next, a question we are often asked is how to get rid of ants in the garden. It is important to keep your garden and outside areas clean and clear of any potential food sources for ants. This includes any outside garbage bins, which should be kept clean, tightly sealed and placed as far away from your house as possible.

The next step to take is to locate the ants’ nest. This is crucial for ant control, because the major problem with ants is that until you find and eradicate the nest, they will continue to threaten your home.

Scattering something sweet near the ants and following the line of worker ants back to the nest is a reliable method for finding the source of the problem. But even if you manage to find it, you still need to make sure you kill 100% of the ants, because even just a few survivors can rebuild the nest.

How to get rid of ants outside? Easier said than done

But here’s where things get tricky. Commercial ant pest control products you can buy from supermarkets don’t kill ants on contact, and using boiling water, kerosene, or even tried and tested products like boric acid powder is no guarantee you’ll eradicate every single ant.

The factor you need to consider when you get rid of ants outside your home is that they have already identified your property as a suitable place for building a nest.

Which means even if you find and destroy the nest, you still need to make sure you kill 100% of the ants, otherwise there is a very good chance they will come back in full force after a few weeks.

Using ant traps and baits is a good way to kill ants you might miss when you eradicate a nest, but they require constant monitoring and won’t protect your home from ants indefinitely.

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