Could Not Have Hoped for Anything Better from a Pest Control Company

When Mr Cheung discovered German Cockroaches in his home at Camperdown. He researched extensively to find the right pest control company.

He chose M&M because their website was very informative, their pricing was competitive, and they are a family owned and operated business.

He particularly appreciated the technician’s willingness to phone 30 minutes prior to arriving so he could meet him at the house without having to waste time.

He also appreciated the information the technician gave him about the chemicals and what to expect after treatment.

He said he could not have hope for anything better from a pest control company.

Customer Background:

When William Cheung discovered tiny German Cockroaches in his Camperdown home he immediately researched possible pest control companies who could help.

He shopped around and finally decided on M&M because of their…

  • Very informative website
  • Competitive pricing
  • Family owned and operated business

Original Challenges:

Mr Cheung felt a little uneasy about treating his home with chemicals — especially in the kitchen where the cockroaches were discovered.  The M&M technician gave him information about the treatment which reassured him of the safety.

As a busy business owner who worked out of an office near his house, he also had concerns about when the technician may arrive.  “They phoned the day before to confirm”, he said.  “And then the technician phoned 30 minutes before arrival so I could meet him at the house.  Bang on time he was at the front door ready to go”, commented Mr Cheung.  He appreciated this extra service because it meant he could schedule his day without wasting any time.


At the time of treatment the M&M technician warned Mr Cheung that he would see an increase in cockroach activity over the coming days as the treatment took effect.  He was glad for this forewarning and said, “Since then there have been no cockroaches at all”.


Mr Cheung was pleasantly surprised saying, “The whole experience was great from start to finish.  I couldn’t have hoped for anything better from a pest controller.  The level of service was well and truly above and beyond what I expected.”

Results & Benefits Achieved:

Knowledgeable technician, exceptional communication (including pre-appointment phone call) and an effective result (no more cockroaches!) made Mr Cheung a very satisfied customer.

When asked if he would recommend M&M he simply said, “100 per cent”.