The M&M Termite and Pest Control Story

Pest & termite expert Ray

How Three Generations of Our Family Work Together to Give Your Family the Ultimate Termite & Pest Control and Peace of Mind.

I feel it’s important to know who you are dealing with when your home is at stake.  So take a moment to read about how we got started in the pest control industry… and why we are so serious about protecting your home from the contamination of pests and dangers of termites. Pest Management That Is Trusted and Guaranteed

A Termite & Pest Control company big enough to deliver, small enough to care…

How an Unemployed 20 Year Old Kid Started a Termite & Pest Control Company that Now Employs 35 People and Is Trusted By More than 100,000 Clients.

My name is Ray Milton.  My brother Geoff and I own M&M Termite & Pest control. When I was 18, I worked for two well-known pest control companies.  But I felt uncomfortable that they (and many other pest companies) did not provide an honest service. They used cheap, nasty chemicals, cut corners to save time, and didn’t respect customers. So I quit.

A young Ray Milton

Ray in younger years

I knew I could give people a better service for less money.  And so, with nothing more than determination to do a good, honest job, I borrowed a truck and chemicals and took my last unemployment cheque and started M&M Termite & Pest control. Since then we have served more than 115,300 clients all over Sydney, and become one of the most respected pest and termite control companies in Australia.  Top chemical companies even seek our advice in developing new pest and termite products. I believe a company is only as good as its people.  We don’t just find the best technicians and support personnel, we train them.  TAFE graduates knock on our door because they know our training will give them lifelong grounding in the pest industry. Becoming a pest controller is not hard.  A 1 week TAFE course is all it takes.  That’s why we put graduates through an intensive 12 month training program before we give them individual responsibility for any pest job and 10 years program training for responsibly for a termite job.  There is no substitute for training and experience.  You can rest easy knowing your M&M Termite & Pest Control Technician is a field-trained expert in getting rid of Termites & Pests in your home.

money back gaurantee

That’s why we can offer 4 rock-solid guarantees including…

  1. Non Toxic Guarantee:  All our chemicals are environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and pets (but deadly for termites & pests!) 
  2. On Time Guarantee:  We tell you when we will turn up and how long it will take to complete the job – and we stick to those times
  3. Fixed Price Guarantee:  You’ll know exactly how much your treatment will cost with no surprises
  4. Results Guarantee:  We will get rid of your termites & pests. No excuses. Pests gone, Termites gone – end of story.

So, with the same determination to provide a quality, honest service, we look forward to welcoming you as one of our wonderful clients so you can also become part of our story.

Ray Milton

P.S. I’ve got three girls of my own who I love dearly, and I can’t imagine what it must be like for parents whose children go through cancer. That’s why M&M Termite & Pest Control is a proud diamond supporter of the Kids with Cancer Foundation. With every job we do, we purchase a Kids with Cancer Foundation Lottery ticket on behalf of our customer which we pass on to you (Good luck!). So every time you protect your home with M&M Termite & Pest Control you know you are also making a difference for kids whose lives have been affected by cancer. And because the foundation is a “100% charity” you also know there’s no management fees, salaries or running costs taken out of the donation account – the funds go directly to struggling families of kids with cancer.


“It’s unusual to receive such service these day’s I’m still over the moon.” “You’re the only pest management company I’ll call in the future and all my family and friends have already heard how great the service was!” “I have been dealing with your company for many, many years now and have always been more than happy with the service and treatment.” “Lisa, the phone operator was fantastic; her exceptional service sold the quote” “Very happy with the diagnosis and treatment of our pest control problems” “Overall very good service, especially since you seem to care about what your customers think!” “We always find the technicians helpful and friendly, they were considerate of ensuring my kids were out of the way from fumes”

M&M Pest & Termite Control

About Our Name

People often ask me, “How did you come up with the name M&M Termite & Pest control?”  Well, after spending a month trying to come up with a good name, in frustration I finally said, “Let’s just call it Ray’s Pest Management or Milton’s Pest Management.  That didn’t have much of a ring to it so I suddenly thought of M&M Termite & Pest control… and it stuck. Rest assured… we are a lot better at finding and exterminating pests & termites than coming up with clever names!  We’ll leave that to the advertising guys.  And we will concentrate on getting rid of your pests & termites – guaranteed.