Bed Bug Barrier

Bed Bugs Barrier

A bed bug barrier and bed bug traps can be a popular way of dealing with bed bugs. Or prevent you from ever having to deal with them at all!


Basically a bed bug barrier is any device or technique device that stops bed bugs from climbing onto the bed and biting you. Whereas traps, on the other hand, detect and kill bed bugs. At least, that’s what they do in theory….


But whilst there are many traps on the market, an extensive independent study in 2009 found that, unlike physical barriers, no commercial traps worked particularly well. Part of the reason is that many of the traps rely on chemicals and bedbugs are notoriously resistant to many chemicals. Only certified pest controllers can access the type of chemical strong enough to kill bed bugs.

In terms of barriers, there are also a lot of products on the market; some work well, some not so well. And some aren’t products at all, just things you can do yourself or make yourself from household items.

For example, you can move your bed away from the wall, keep bedding from touching the floor and put a dish of water or kerosene or a dish sprinkled with talcum powder under each bed leg. But this can be impractical and also a bit unsightly. And, in the case of the kerosene, also rather smelly and dangerous for children.

There are also commercialised solutions such as a fully encased mattress cover. Total mattress encasement keeps the whole mattress protected so no bedbugs can live or lay eggs inside your bed. And without an area to nest in, the bed bugs don’t stay. However, they can just as easily nest in other soft furnishings, so while mattress protectors on their own will not protect you from bed bugs.

There are other commercial devices as well. These can be very effective. They are usually made of a smooth plastic that bed bugs find difficult to climb, and they also usually work in tandem with a light dusting of talcum powder, which makes it even more difficult for the bed bugs to climb.

Commercialised barrier systems can also act as a monitoring tool, letting you inspect for trapped bed bugs.

Treating for bed bugs

A bed bug barrier is not a complete solution

But while bed bug barriers can be an effective part of an integrated pest management system, no barrier or trap will get rid of an infestation. So before you even begin looking at bed bug barriers, you need to make sure there is no infestation or if there is, that it has been properly treated. After all, there’s no point trapping bedbugs inside your bed!

Our solution to your Bed Bugs Bites problems

We use environmentally friendly and humane methods to rid your home or property of nuisance bed bugs. Our experienced technicians will recommend the best bed bugs pest control options for your property and requirements.

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Prevent bed bugs

Important facts to consider before making your decision

  • 55% of the pest control industry are uninsured (Statistics from Pacific International Insurance)
  • Some companies take shortcuts by not treating to the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Some quote for a fixed amount but then charge for extras
  • Few companies back up their claims with a money back guarantee
  • We don’t use sub-contractors (who don’t care about your home)

When you engage M&M Termite and Pest Control you can rest easy knowing that we are insured, we don’t take shortcuts, we adhere to Australian Standards, our quotes don’t change and we stand behind our claims with a money back guarantee.

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