“I Was Terrified.  So I Chose Baiting to Get Rid of the Termites for Good”

When Mrs Reedy discovered termites in her kitchen cupboard she was terrified

She was reassured when M&M gave her a clear plan to get rid of the termites and protect her home from future attacks

Mrs Reedy chose a baiting system because she wanted to get rid of the termite nest completely

Mrs Reedy would never miss a 6 monthly whole house inspection to maintain true protection and peace of mind

Mrs Reedy recommends M&M and urges people to have their house inspected

Customer Background:

Mrs Reedy lives by herself in her home in Parramatta.  She was terrified when she first discovered termites in 2019.  She didn’t know how much damage they had done and was worried her house might even fall down.

M&M came out straight away and checked everything thoroughly.  Their reassurance made her feel so much better.

Now she maintains regular monitoring and says, “I would never go without having a termite inspection every six months”.

Original Challenges:

When Mrs Reedy pulled a plate from a corner kitchen storage cupboard, it was covered in brown mud.  She didn’t know what had caused this mud and called a friend who came around and told her it may be termites.  She was shocked and felt very worried.

M & M conducted a thorough inspection of her entire house and yard and confirmed her fears.  She appreciated speaking with the owner of the company who made her feel much better when he gave her clear advice on how to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again.


Mrs Reedy chose a baiting system because she didn’t just want to kill the visible termites, she wanted to get rid of the nest completely and protect her home for good.  A portable baiting station was placed in the cupboard where the termites were discovered.  Baiting stations were also installed throughout her yard.

Still feeling apprehensive Mrs Reedy followed the technicians as they inspected each baiting station.  “None of them had a problem with it”, she said.  “They were really good and very friendly”.


Monthly inspections ensured the termites were eradicated quickly.  M&M continue to protect Mrs Reedy’s house with quarterly baiting station inspection and half yearly whole house inspections.

Although termites have returned, they were detected immediately in the baiting stations and eliminated before infiltrating the house.

Results & Benefits Achieved:

Termites gone, baiting stations in place for ongoing protection, and much appreciated peace of mind for Mrs Reedy.

“When someone does a good job, people should be told about it.  That’s why I recommend M&M”, Mrs Reedy said.  “I urge my friends to get their house checked regularly by M&M”.