How to get rid of Bed Bugs

Kill bed bugs

A quick Google search of how to get rid of bed bugs will give you page after page of different types of treatments & ways to answer the question of how to eradicate these nasty, annoying, & persistent pests.


Some solutions are homemade & some involve more chemicals than a packet of 2-minute noodles. And the reality is that while some DIY solutions can be effective, most are not, while others can even make the problem much worse.


In fact successfully getting rid of bed bugs usually requires a combination of different, professional treatments.


One of the reasons bed bugs are so hard to kill is they have become more and more immune to the type of chemicals that are in the sprays you buy from a store. Where as professional bedbug exterminators usually use a mix of chemicals only available to commercial operators. These combinations of chemicals can be highly effective.

And whilst normal vacuums can actually spread bed bugs from room to room, commercial vacuums can be an effective way to remove live bugs, excrement or left over body shells. But because bed bugs eggs are very sicky, even commercial vacuum cleaners don’t always manage to suck them up.

That’s why other treatments need to be included in the mix.

Heat Treatments can be an excellent way to help get rid of bed bugs. That’s because bedbugs are highly susceptible to high temperatures, in fact they can’t live in temperatures over 120 degrees Celsius. But the tricky thing is making sure the heat treatment system (usually an enclosed casing of some sort- like a special tent) is large enough to fit in your furniture! Usually only professional pest companies have heat treatment systems large enough to properly treat all your furniture. And unless you treat every possible place the bed bugs might be, you simply won’t be able to kill them.

Steam treatments also use heat the kill bed bugs. Steamers work by delivering very high temperatures to areas where bed bugs may be hiding. They can get bed bugs not just on the surface but also in cracks and crevices as long as they’re not too deep. But to effectively work, the surface temperatures after the steamer brush has passed needs to be at least 70 degrees Celsius. And many of the DIY steamers simply don’t reach the temperatures needed to heat the surfaces effectively enough to kill bed bugs. (Some people use carpet cleaning machines but they don’t reach anywhere near the temperatures required to kill bed bugs- you’ll get clean carpets but still have bed bugs!)

Whilst bed bugs don’t like heat, they also don’t like the cold. So cold treatment can also be a great alternative way to kill bed bugs.

Ridding your home of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs the professional way

But because it’s unlikely your couch and bed will fit in your freezer, professional methods are the only effective way o truly get rid of bed bugs. Professional bed bug Cold Treatments use frozen CO2- otherwise known as dry ice which when sprayed, drops the temperature on he surface to at least -17C. The lower the temperature, the better the cold treatment works for killing bed bug. Because it doesn’t involve chemicals, cold treatment for bed bugs is safe for kids, plants and pets. And the treated rooms can be used immediately following the treatment.

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