How To Kill Fire Ants

Fire ants are one of the most invasive pests in the world and have become a serious problem in Sydney and NSW as a whole. Fire ants are also one of the most aggressive species of ant and are extremely hazardous to people, pets, and livestock. Because of that hazard, you need to know how to kill fire ants.

The fire ant bites are particularly fierce and leave a painful burning sensation, which can cause nasty looking pustules (which is why they are called “fire” ants). Fire ants also tend to swarm and sting all at once, which happens rapidly when they are disturbed.

They are also one of four ant species whose bite can cause anaphylactic shock, which makes the fire ants’ bite especially dangerous to children and to people with insect allergies.

Fire ants’ nests can be difficult to identify. Sometimes constructed mounds are easy to spot, but more often than not fire ants’ nests tend to blend in with the outdoor surrounds, hidden in patches of soil and flowerbeds. They can also nest in potting soil mixtures, underneath pots, logs or stones, in tufts of grass and other overgrown or untidy areas of your garden.

Some startling fire ants facts:

  • Fire ants are not native to Australia and pose a serious threat to local ecosystems
  • Fire ants can build their mounds anywhere
  • Mounds have no obvious entry or exit holes, which makes nests difficult to find and eradicate
  • They are territorial and extremely aggressive, especially around nests
  • They reproduce rapidly and can form a brand new colony within a single month

How to kill fire ants: ant control

While fire ants are the kind of pests you would want to get rid of as soon as possible, there are some precautions you need to take if you are going to use DIY methods as your fire ant treatment.

First of all, when aiming to get rid of ants it is extremely important to identify the nest. Even more important, however, is not to disturb the nest at all, because fire ants will swarm and sting if they are threatened, which makes fire ant pest control especially hazardous.

Next, using boiling water, petrol or kerosene to kill ants’ nests is not recommended. Apart from the obvious health and safety issues involved with using these ant pest control substances, they only have around a 60% success rate in eliminating colonies completely.

You also run the risk of killing nearby plant life and contaminating the soil and groundwater in your garden. This is also true of substances like ammonia and chlorine.

In Australia, the official method for fire ant control is to use low-toxic baits spread on the mound and surrounding areas. The problem with this method is that it doesn’t kill ants, but only sterilises the queen and stops the production of larvae. The colony eventually dies out, but only after a few weeks or months, which means you still have to put up with the hazards of having these little nasties on your property while you wait.

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