Not Cheap But… Very Cheap Compared To the Alternatives

Mr Roger Williams detected termites in his 2 storey investment duplex in Collaroy.

50% of the downstairs walls and the walls in one upstairs bedroom needed to be replaced ($13,000 damage).

Mr Williams is an Engineer so when he researched termite companies he had a LOT of questions.

M&M seemed to have good answers and a reliable long-term solution.

Ongoing M&M monitoring saved Mr Williams’ investment property from a second attack and no doubt saved him from another hefty repair bill.

Mr Williams admits M&M are not cheap but much cheaper than the alternatives.

Customer Background:

Mr Roger Williams, an Engineer, has a 2 storey investment duplex with 2 tenants at Collaroy.  The tenant upstairs was very observant and noticed some termite damage.  When Roger inspected his investment property he was shocked by the extent of damage.

He had to replace 50% of the downstairs walls plus all the walls in one bedroom upstairs.  The repair bill was around $13,000.

Original Challenges:

Mr Williams looked in the Yellow Pages and called several termite companies with lots of questions.  Many companies said they would come out and treat the home with termite chemicals.

After doing some research Mr Williams knew that would not provide the long-term solution he was looking for.  M&M seemed to have a better solution and so he invited them to inspect his property.


Mr Williams accepted M&M’s advice and installed baiting stations in the yard around his property.  He said it was very hard to be patient when he knew his property was being eaten away but, the baits worked and the termites were soon eradicated.


Several other homes nearby have since been damaged by termites which indicates termites are still active in the area.  Mr Williams is glad M & M maintain regular monitoring because termites have been detected in one of the external baiting stations since the initial attack.  These were treated and eradicated quickly and easily.

Results & Benefits Achieved:

Speaking of the original termite attack Mr Williams said, “The amount of damage they did in a short time is quite amazing”.  He added, “Termites terrify me.  I’ve read a lot about them.  They can travel a long way.  You can kill one nest but if termites from another nest find the tunnels they can be back in your home again.  M&M monitoring gives me peace of mind.”

Commenting about M&M’s service he said, “They are very good with communication.  They answer questions, phone before they come, ring the day before, turn up on time, and fit around my tenants.  They are not cheap but much cheaper than the alternatives”.