How To Get Rid Of Termites

Warning: Not All Termite Companies Are the Same. Make Sure Your Termite Exterminator Ticks These Boxes Before Saying Yes

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You’re wondering how to get rid of termites, so what should you expect from a professional termite eradication service?  What procedures should they follow to diagnose your termite problem?  And what actions should they take to get rid of your termites and stop them from coming back?


Every Termite Company has a different way of treating termites.  Some use powders/dust.  Others use liquid chemicals.  Here is the process we use to get rid of your termites and keep your home safe from future attack.


Our process seems painstakingly detailed to some.  We make no apologies for this.  After all, your home is at risk.  To give you the Termite Control Service you deserve, we combine our 30 years of experience, with the latest termite technology, and our no-compromise philosophy.  And it starts with:


How to get rid of termites…

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Step 1:  Phone call

When you call you won’t talk with an ordinary office person.  No, you’ll speak with a termite specialist who has years of experience in the field and the office.  After asking you some simple questions they will determine if you need an Initial Investigation (which is totally free of charge).

How To Get Rid Of Termites

Step 2: Initial Investigation (Free)

If there is any risk your home may have termites, we’ll send a Technician out straight away for an Initial Investigation.  This service is totally free.  While it’s not a Full Inspection, it will identify the vulnerability of your home and give recommendation on how to keep your home safe from attack.

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Step 3: Your Termite Eradication and Protection Plan

After the Initial Investigation your technician will outline a recommended course of action and all applicable costs (in writing).  Your Termite Eradication and Protection Plan may involve a Full Inspection, eradication of identified termites, and treatment to protect your entire home and yard from present and future attack.


Your technician will outline all recommended actions including the type of treatment and why.  He will explain everything fully, answer all your questions, and give you a fixed price so there are no nasty surprises.


While it may be important to act quickly, you will not be pressured into making a decision on the day.  Our technicians are experienced Termite Specialists not high-pressure salesmen.  They will simply give you the information you need.  You decide what you want to happen next.


When you decide to implement the Termite Eradication and Protection Plan, you will simply pay a small deposit to secure a time for a Full Inspection and Treatment.

M&M termite inspection

Step 4: Full Inspection

A Full Inspection may be recommended in order to identify the cause of your current termite attack as well as other vulnerabilities in your home (to prevent future attack).  Using a ‘Termite Audit Sheet’ of more than 179 points, your technician will inspect your house and entire yard.


This may include a visual inspection as well as an analysis with the latest equipment including a Moisture Metre and Infrared Camera.  No stone is left unturned including internal inspection of all walls, roof cavity, sub-floor, external walls, eves, fences, gardens, retaining walls, cubby house, trees and more.


If termites are discovered, they are identified (species) so the best treatment can be devised.  There are currently more than 300 species of termites in Australia and they respond differently to treatments.  Using the latest in treatments your technician will create a cocktail that is deadly to termites (the entire colony) but safe for humans (including children and pregnant women), pets and plants.

M&M termite eradication

Step 5: Termite Eradication

When active, termites are discovered, your technician will install a small baiting station in the active area.  When the termites ‘take the bait’ they naturally transfer it to other termites through normal termite behaviour of grooming and feeding. Baiting is one of the quickest ways to get control.


Termites will most likely be foraging in the grounds all over your home, looking for points of entry. So to ensure your entire home is protected from attack, your technician will also install an M&M Security Net of approximately 20 Ground Stations around the perimeter of your property.  Although they are positioned no more than 3 meters apart (most companies leave a much larger gap of 5 metres or more), each Ground Station is smaller than your hand and sits just below the surface of the ground so you’ll hardly notice them.  Walk and even mow straight over the top.


(Note:  M&M Termite & Pest Control have access to all termite treatments including dust and liquid chemical.  When the circumstances are suitable we may recommend those treatments but, for guaranteed, permanent results we recommend M&M Security Net Baiting.  In our experience, companies that do not offer baiting simply don’t have the experience with this complex form of treatment.  We are baiting specialists with 15 years of experience.  We guarantee results.)

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Step 6: Customised Baiting

Your technician has access to more than 43 of the latest termite treatment products.  Drawing on our years of experience, he will devise a cocktail of the right treatments for the termite species at your home.  This may include some secret recipes we’ve developed ourselves over the years (interesting things like vegemite and Gatorade just to name a few!).


While other companies may struggle to get termites to ‘take the bait’ you’ll be amazed how quickly any termites in the area will be drawn to our baits.  It’s like fishing:  When you use the right bait, the results are amazing.  And we have the experience to know exactly what bait will work.

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Step 7: Monitoring and Permanent Eradication

Your technician will return to inspect the Stations every 3 – 4 weeks.  Once termites are present in the Ground Stations your technician will add a treatment that will kill the termites.  But they won’t die immediately.  The slow acting formula will be transferred to other termites in the colony so every last one dies.

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Step 8: Ongoing Protection

Once the initial colonies have been eradicated, your M&M Security Net can easily be maintained to give you ongoing protection.  For a low monthly fee, your technician will visit to check and maintain your Stations.  If termite activity is detected, he will carry out treatment (free) to eradicate the termites before they reach your home.

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Step 9: Follow up

Your absolute satisfaction is the most important thing to us.  Our business has grown since 1984 because of referrals from our many kind clients.  We don’t take this for granted.  So after the successful eradication of your termites, we will send you a short survey to get your feedback.  Of course you don’t have to fill it out if you don’t want to.  But we do value your opinion and this simple system ensures we continue to deliver on our promises and give you the premium termite treatment you deserve.


With the proven processes and unbeatable guarantee of M&M Termite & Pest Control, you can have genuine peace of mind your home is termite-free and protected against future termite invasion.  Even when other homes in your neighbourhood are under attack, you won’t have to worry about hearing ‘munching noises’ at night.  You can sleep easy knowing you have M&M Security Net working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year protecting your biggest financial asset.


If there is ever any termite activity in the future, you’ll know BEFORE any timber-munching-terrorists reach your home.  And you’ll have a way to STOP any invasion and kill the entire colony before any damage is done.


Thank you for taking the time to find out why M&M Termite & Pest Control are different.  If you have any questions, please phone our experienced team on 13 10 34.  I look forward to welcoming you as a valued client and helping to protect you and your family from the invasion of nasty pests and termites.

M&M Geoff Milton

Geoffrey Milton

Founder & Operations Manager