Pest Control Cobbitty

Termite & pest control Cobbitty – residents, are you safe?

Abundant farmland surrounds the residents of this green village, but it still offers some unique activities. Camden Airport, south of the suburb hosts skydiving and gliding activities, and afterwards you can relax at the suburb’s tiny café. Blessed with lovely views of Camden Township, this area is also graced with a true sense of community. Sadly, as with all the best places to raise a family, vile characters also want a taste of Cobbitty’s lifestyle – over 350 species of Australia’s most dangerous and fastest-breeding pest and termite species. Top company in pest control Cobbitty, M&M Pest and Termite Control have been protecting local homes from the aggravation of these little critters since 1984. In fact, you’ve probably seen our vans around the area.

M&M Termite and Pest Control Cobbitty uses environmentally friendly products to eliminate:

The safe way to eliminate pests – for your time, wallet and health!

At M&M Pest and Termite Control we don’t putter about.

Yes, we understand, when pests invade your home, you want to purge your home of this filthy plague as soon as possible. It is a complete disruption to your lifestyle; not to mention the danger of damage to the structure of your property and your family’s health.

But we often see our customers, who in a rush to get rid of their pest problem, actually end up turning it into a full-blown crisis. They usually opt for the quickest and most easily accessible solution to a pest infestation. Which probably means store-bought, DIY solutions.

The trouble with this approach is it can do far more harm than good.

You see, unless you find the source of your pest problem and get rid of it at once, all you’re really doing is picking off individual pests, while spreading poison around your home.

And unfortunately, most pest control chemicals available at the supermarket, are sold as a “one-size-fits all” solution to a problem which often requires specific attention. Plus, they can also be expensive (and not just in the long run) but also highly toxic.

Instead, we only use proven environmentally friendly, pest-specific products and the most cutting-edge techniques. Since we got into this game over 31-plus years ago, we have remained at the forefront of pest control solutions.

Your family’s health is our top priority.

Our process works so well is because it is fully targeted to the pest problem affecting your home.

First, before we start doing anything in your home, we scour your property from top to bottom to not only identify the species of pest, but also where they are nesting. And only then do we design a treatment program specific to your pest problem.

In fact, the M&M process is so effective and thorough, we back up our results and service with the strongest guarantee in the industry.So if we don’t get rid of all your pest problems the first time, not only will we refund our fee, but we’ll pay for a competitor to redo the job.

Why M&M Termite & Pest Control Cobbitty is a Cut Above the Rest

Too many pest control Cobbitty companies fly by the seat of their pants, offering their clients a slap-dash service which is a temporary fix at best - and at worst, can cause even more damage.

Here's what makes us different:

  • More than 31 years' experience servicing 1000’s of Cobbitty homes
  • The Best 200% guarantee in the business
  • Safe for pregnant women, children, pets and plants
  • Trained technicians with over 197 years of combined experience
  • Your home will be left cleaner than when we arrived