Pest Control Mascot

Termite & pest control Mascot – residents, are you safe?

A hidden gem close to the inner city, Mascot is a small Sydney suburb on the rise. With all the new development and influx of city and airport workers, however, pests like cockroaches, ants, fleas, rats and mice are on the rise too. Top company in pest control Mascot, M&M Termite & Pest Control have been in the area since 1984 and we’ve been busier in the last 3 years than ever before. In fact, you’ve probably seen our vans around the area.

Custom designed Termite & Pest control

So what makes us different than all other Mascot pest control companies out there?

One word: Service.

We know that every pest & termite problem presents a unique challenge in Mascot. And “one-size-fits-all” services may either be overkill or not thorough enough for your particular case.

Another factor to consider is certain kinds of pests, need very specific treatments to be eradicated effectively.

That’s why at M&M Termite & Pest Control we take the time to assess your situation and design a custom-made pest management programme just for you. This process actually makes the treatments faster, more effective, and last longer. And after we’ve taken care of any infestation problems, we’ll give you some advice on how to prevent future infestation.

The best part is that all our pest control services are guaranteed so you don’t risk anything by getting the team from M&M Termite & Pest Control to take care of any irritating little blighters ruining your home.

M&M Termite & Pest Control Mascot uses environmentally friendly products to eliminate:

How does peace of mind sound to you?

At M&M Termite & Pest Control we firmly believe in a common-sense approach to pest & termite control. We also believe taking a proactive approach to protecting your Mascot home. And one of the easiest and best ways to do this is to prevent pests ever becoming a problem.

For instance, most pests can be dissuaded from coming on to your Mascot property by taking a few simple precautions. Keeping surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom clean, making sure corners of any low foot traffic and outdoor areas are clean and tidy, and having your property inspected / treated once a year by professionals will go a long way to help stop infestation before it starts.

Ours is an extremely competitive industry – and M&M Termite & Pest Control has been at the top for over 30-plus years. We don’t say that to boast, but simply as proof that we’re here to stay. We’re not a bunch of chancers who’ll do a slap-dash job and leave you will a hefty bill. Our entire business is built on customer relationships, which we nurture with impeccable service and unshakable pride in what we do.

Why M&M Termite & Pest Control Mascot is a Cut Above the Rest

Too many pest control Mascot companies fly by the seat of their pants, offering their clients a slap-dash service which is a temporary fix at best - and at worst, can cause even more damage.

Here's what makes us different:

  • More than 31 years' experience servicing 1000’s of Mascot homes
  • The Best 200% guarantee in the business
  • Safe for pregnant women, children, pets and plants
  • Trained technicians with over 197 years of combined experience
  • Your home will be left cleaner than when we arrived