Pest Control Lethbridge Park

Termite & pest control Lethbridge Park – residents, are you safe?

A quiet suburb, hailed as one of the jewels of the west, Lethbridge Park has a great community atmosphere, fantastic transport access and a good choice of schools. Limited traffic in this safe and welcoming area make it an ideal place to bring your family. Sadly, the vilest of Sydney’s residents have found this out as well, and they’re making their way to Lethbridge Park’s streets in massive droves – over 350 species of Australia’s destructive termites and 100’s of fast breeding and harmful household pests. As the top team in pest control Lethbridge Park, M&M Termite and Pest Control have been protecting residents from destructive pests for over 31-plus years. In fact, you’ve probably seen our vans around the area.

M&M Termite and Pest Control Lethbridge Park uses environmentally friendly products to eliminate:

Immediately eradicate your pests – while keeping your family 100% safe!

At M&M Termite and Pest Control we know from experience nothing can endanger the structures of your Lethbridge Park house or the health of your family like a pest invasion.

From the sheer destruction termites can wreak on the structures of your home to the filth and disease rats and termites can spread to your family, pests are not a joke.

As one of the most established pest control companies in Lethbridge Park, we have extensive local experience and intimate knowledge of all the pests affecting the area. And for the tenacity and breeding prowess of these nasty local critters, we don’t waste time offering generic “spray-and-pray” deals.

These fail to target the species, or do a safe and complete job of purging your Lethbridge Park home of your disgusting problem. They are not only ineffective but a waste of your money, and could actually end up making your pest problems worse.

Because we want to ensure your filthy invaders don’t come back, our extermination solutions will target your particular pest crisis so you can rest assured you don’t pay for services you don’t need and your time isn’t wasted with unnecessary man-hours.

Since 1984, at M&M Termite and Pest Control, we’ve successfully helped over 302, 000 Sydney homeowners and have developed the most environmentally-friendly and state-of-the-art solutions for purging your home of all species of pests.

What’s more, we only work whenever is most convenient for you. Just let us know when you want those nasty vermin gone and we’ll come in, do a quick, thorough and clean job so you can get back your pest free Lethbridge Park home as soon as possible with no nasty smells or any foul chemical residues.

Most importantly, ALL our pest control and termite treatments are safe for pregnant ladies, kids and pets, and we’ll even leave your Lethbridge Park home cleaner than we found it.

We aim to keep our promise of being the easiest pest control company to work with. And to back it up we offer our customers the strongest guarantee in the industry. With our risk-free 200% guarantee. You don’t risk a thing!

Why M&M Termite & Pest Control Lethbridge Park is a Cut Above the Rest

Too many pest control Lethbridge Park companies fly by the seat of their pants, offering their clients a slap-dash service which is a temporary fix at best - and at worst, can cause even more damage.

Here's what makes us different:

  • More than 31 years' experience servicing 1000’s of Lethbridge Park homes
  • The Best 200% guarantee in the business
  • Safe for pregnant women, children, pets and plants
  • Trained technicians with over 197 years of combined experience
  • Your home will be left cleaner than when we arrived