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Termite Prevention – Ventilation

Dampness and mildew are common signs of poor ventilation in homes and buildings. Not only can dampness have a damaging effect on the structure of a building, but it provides a perfect breeding ground for Termites and other pests.

Good ventilation is effective in the prevention, cure or reduction of:

  • the risk of Termite attack as they are most active in moist environments
  • pest infestations such as spiders and other nasties
  • timber decay and musty smells
  • fungi, mould, rotting boards, bowing timber & lifting flooring


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Download Fact Sheet >

How we can help with your ventilation problems

We install sub floor ventilation to help maintain the moisture content of flooring and underfloor timbers at a level that will avoid the development of fungal decay and distortion.

Sub floor ventilation provides a constant exchange of fresh air to the sub floor area. As fresh, dry air moves into the sub floor, it absorbs moisture vapour emanating from the sub-soil and then moves it out from under the building.

Fix your ventilation problems now!

Reduce the risk of Pest & Termite attack – and enjoy a healthier living environment free from mould and dampness!

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